Partial Knee Replacements

Knee degeneration is a severely painful ailment that leads to sleepless nights and deeply hampers one’s work and personal life. Partial knee replacement is a safe, fast and long-lasting solution to the problem at hand.

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Minimally invasive joint replacement

Over the last few years, joint replacement surgery has evolved to a minimally invasive technique and has dramatically shortened, and improved the recovery process for surgery. The only downside of this technique is that it is performed by very few surgeons. And Nirav Shah is one of them.

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Outpatient Joint Replacements

As medical technology advances, outpatient joint replacement is becoming a possibility. Performing joint replacement in an outpatient setting allows for a more personalized experience and lower risk of complications such as infection and bleeding.

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Nirav Shah, MD has over a decade of diverse experience in Orthopaedic Surgery.He is passionate about what he does because his expertise in the field of joint replacement allows him to get people back on their feet, go back to their homes and get back to their active lifestyle.In his words, his goal is not just to fix his patients but also educate them and talk to them on a human level rather than in the capacity of a physician.

When away from the office, Dr. Shah is an avid golfer. He also enjoys exploring the city with his wife by trying new restaurants and enjoying the occasional trip to the movie theater.

When he’s not working, Dr. Shah loves to spend time with his family, play golf and explore all that the world has to offer!


The hip joint is one of the most important joints in our body. It allows us to perform simple tasks such as getting out of a car, putting our socks and shoes on and ride a bicycle. When the cartilage that exists between the ball and socket of the hip joint starts to deteriorate, we call this osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, as we age, our cartilage is unable to repair itself; and thus, the arthritis continues to progress. As the disease process worsens, stiffness, groin pain, decreased exercise capacity and loss of quality of life are common complaints.

As the damage to the cartilage is irreversible, once the symptoms adequately affect quality of life, the only long-term treatment we have is hip replacement surgery. Surgical technique advances, better pain control and improved implant technology now allows us to perform hip replacement surgery on patients who are younger and more active with confidence that the hip replacement will last the rest of your life.



Joint conditions in the knee often begin with damage to articular cartilage — the tissue at the end of a bone that cushions the joint. This cartilage is necessary for pain-free movement. Unfortunately, cartilage lacks its own blood supply, so it has very little ability to repair itself once damaged. As the damage worsens, stiffness, pain, swelling, and change in the alignment of the affected leg are common complaints.

As the damage is irreversible, the only long-term solution we have to correct all of the symptoms is a total knee replacement. Advances in surgical tecnhinque, pain control, and implant technology now allow us to correct the damage utilizing a smaller incision and with confidence that the knee replacement will last the rest of your life.



Orthopaedic trauma is a broad term used for describing all kinds of severe injuries affecting the bones, joints, and soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) in any part of the body that are caused due to trauma. Hip and ankle fractures are the most common injuries caused due to orthopaedic trauma. Leading causes of such injuries include slips, falls, vehicular and industrial accidents, sports injuries, or other accidents that can displace the bones or shatter them into pieces.

These orthopaedic injuries are unexpected, unwanted, and often debilitating. Treatment typically requires orthopaedic surgery – focusing primarily on treating fractured bones and making sure the injured part of the body regain its original strength and maximum function it used to have prior to the injury. These injuries can be complex to treat and may involve multiple parts of the body. It takes a team of trained and experienced doctors to handle such injuries and tackle all the variables therein. Dr. Shah and his team are well-versed in handling trauma surgeries and post-traumatic patient care.