5 Best Solutions to your Knee Pain Or Knee Replacement.

Orthopedic surgery has been showing its benefits since middle ages, during wartime. On the battlefield during Middle Ages the injured were treated with bandages soaked in horse blood which in turn dried to form a stiff, but unsanitary, splint. But with the growth in the medical science, our expert orthopedic surgeons have researched a lot of convenient solutions to get easily recovered from injury caused in our musculoskeletal system.

Like we have our favorite restaurants or eating places, similarly we also have our personal orthopedic surgeons like the people have in West Hills, CA, who mostly know the treatment to any musculoskeletal problem.

Naturally, with ageing most people face wear and tear on joints. No doubt, these inevitable aches and pain will occur depending on how old we are. In particular, knee pain is one of the most common joint problems that is restricting the way we normally walk

While our elders often put off natural treatment methods to get relief from knee pain, but today’s fast paced life has changed the atmosphere completely. In fact, we now need experienced orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Nirav J Shah, who can provide relief from these wear and tear on knee joints.

If you experience intolerable pain that you cannot sleep at night, something needs to be done, Let`s follow our Nirav J Shah`s suggestions:

  • • Try some of the non-invasive treatments that include physical therapy; medications to reduce pain and inflammation, and using an assistive device like a cane

  • • Partial knee replacement is another option for osteoarthritis patient, which is limited to just one part of the knee. While treating with partial knee replacement, orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Nirav J Shah) will only replace the damaged part of the knee, whereas the healthy cartilage and bone in the knee remain in place.

  • • Obesity increases the risk of osteoarthritis in the knee because it increases pressure on the knee joint. Furthermore, obese people tend to do less physical activity. Therefore, certain physical therapy exercises can help strengthen muscles in ways that can minimize the amount of discomfort in the knee.

  • • A blow to the knee that damages knee ligaments does typically cause problems with the joint surface. However, you can consult your family orthopedic surgeon for treatment like ligament reconstruction, immobilization and/or rehabilitation of these injuries (commonly known as a blown-out knee)

  • • Sometimes the trauma when you blow out your knee causes problems with the passage of time. As a result, our joint surface deteriorates because of weakened ligaments which are no longer holding the knee together. As a solution, experts recommend high-impact activities like competitive one-on-one basketball games to avoid ligament damage.

  • To conclude, Orthopedic Surgeons must stay abreast of various conditions that affect the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Do you have an Orthopedic surgeon who would disclose such valuable facts? Learn more by visiting Dr. Nirav J Shah.