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Outpatient procedures are a relatively new concept for joint replacement. Historically, inpatient procedures have been the norm for total Joint replacement but with the introduction of minimally invasive techniques, things are changing. Improved handling of tissues in surgery, modern pain management regimens, Spinal anesthetics and advanced rehabilitation protocols make it possible to discharge the patient on the same day as the procedure. All-in-all, outpatient joint replacement procedures offer many advantages for returning patients to their active lifestyles as quickly as possible.

Advantages of Outpatient Procedures

The goal of surgery in the outpatient setting is to eliminate the hospital stay and minimize the risk of infection. It is also found that patients are more satisfied with outpatient surgery.


It is more cost-effective, less time consuming and more convenient; Patients can go back to their daily routines quickly

Preoperative protocols help prepare patients for the procedure and rule out underlying medical problems that could potentially cause

Pain management is closely monitored and tailored to individual needs

All pre and post-surgery needs are addressed by a trained medical staff

The availability of state of the art technology and equipment minimizes risks

Apart from the patient, their family and friends are encouraged to participate to make the home environment comfortable for the patient

Why Choose Minimally Invasive Procedures?

Less surgical trauma means less pain

Smaller incisions lead to smaller scars and better cosmetic outcome

Lower costs

Fewer post-op infections

Reduced risk of bleeding

You can return to normal routine quickly

Why Dr. Nirav Shah

Dr. Shah has over a decade of experience in diverse Orthopaedics and a long history of successful hip and knee replacement surgeries. His team ensures a thorough diagnosis and quick recovery.

His rate of revision surgeries is negligible

He interacts with his patients. Surgery is the first step in a lifelong relationship.

He treats each patient individually, taking their age, medical history, and other considerations into account.

He seeks to educate patients about their condition so that he and his patients can act as a team throughout the treatment period.

His staff is experienced, trained and highly adaptive.

Patient satisfaction is his ultimate motto.

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